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Please Note That Events, Distances, and/or Weights Are Subject To Change


This is a compilation of all the events during our June 3rd competition.


The Barn Build is a race to move the structure and rebuild it 50 feet away. The timbers weigh 60 to 80 pounds and you can carry one, two, or three at a time. Whatever works best for you.   Once the final timber is in place, the clock stops.


The Barrel Load is the Country Boy version of the stones. Five barrels are lined up and each barrel has corn in it. Starting with the first barrel, having 25 pounds, and going up to the 5th with 175 pounds. Your job is to load all the barrels in the fastest time under one minute or as many as you can in less than one minute.


The Hay Throw is a competition to see who can throw the hay the farthest or the highest.  Hold it and throw it any way you choose.  Just don't step over the line.

The Plow Pull

The Plow Pull  is a 100 foot sprint pulling the plow sled.  The men's plow weighs 150 pounds and the women's plow weighs 75 pounds.  The clock stops when the competitor crosses the finish line and the fastest time wins.


Saddle Up is a 50 yard ride on a horseless saddle. You hold the saddle between your legs with one hand holding the front and one hand holding the back. We don't care if you hop, skip, or jump as long as you hold the saddle in place. The fastest time wins.


The Seed Bag Shuttle is a 100 foot shuttle run to move ten 50 pound bags of seed from Point A to point B. Your job is to move the ten bags in the fastest time under one minute. Carry as many bags at a time as you want to. As long as they get there, you did your job.


The Trailer Hitch is the country version of a dead lift.  For the girls, you're trying to lift the empty trailer as many times as you can in one minute.  For the guys, the trailer will be loaded with seed for extra weight.  Then you too, will see how many times you can lift it in one minute.


For the Truck Pull, the 4x4 truck will be hooked up to a huge rope.  Your job is to pull it across the finish line, or as far as you can pull it, in less than one minute.


The Mud Run begins with a 200 yard obstacle course and ends in an all out mud run battle to the finish line. The highest score from the previous 9 events gets a head start and is followed by the second highest score and so on down the line. The top 2 men and women that finish in this event then meet head to head for the final mystery challenge for the gold and the title of Country Boy and Girl Olympic Champions!

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